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In the case of a child's drawing, an adult may be puzzling and unable to understand. The result is only assessed by the standards of adult art; but this is wrong and dangerous! Children are at different ages, both psychologically and physically, and how can we impose our standards on them! To assess and appreciate children's paintings, we should first understand the characteristics of children's stages, from the perspective of children, and not to adult standards; and if the evaluation is not good, it may hit and dampen the enthusiasm and confidence of children's paintings!
How to enjoy children's pictures

Many painting classes (children's paintings) in the workshop today, the students taught, the works are all the same (to copy the paintings, or even the tutor helps them to modify, paint or tutors to limit too much, too much intervention, so that students can not fully play their Capacity, which hinders the development of its capabilities).
 The correct children's art education, the mentor's responsibility is an inspiration and guide, should enable students to fully play freely; only in the heart, no gains, no strength, no pressure, no restraint, game-like mood, can touch Children's rich imagination and creativity!
Each of our works is their original and personal painting. Each piece has its own thoughts, feelings and personality. The appearance is different. Please enjoy it carefully!

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